Solar Shade Screens Fading?

Solar Screens are a great way to keep the house cool, lower utilities and block the view of inside your home from the outside world but what happens when they get dirty or start to look aged and faded? The intense heat and abundance of dust we have in the Maricopa County area can make your screens look far older and fade much faster than they should. The sun here gets hot enough to bake the dust right into the screens making it almost impossible to remove. Washing the screens yourself can prove to be a bigger task than you may think and the results may not even show. regular maintenance is easier than damage control so we recommend regular window and screen washing and conditioning.

Regular monthly to bi-monthly Maintenance:

  1. Remove all screens from their windows
  2. Use a soft, fabric cleaning brush and brush the dirt
  3. Mop the Screen with a window cleaning mop and window soap
  4. Spray off the screen with water until all soap is removed
  5. Let screens sit until dry
  6. Apply a screen conditioner mixture evenly and rub in
  7. Don’t forget to wash the windows before reinstalling the screens

The screen conditioner will not only moisturize and prolong the life of the screen but it will also keep it looking new and clean longer. For old and faded screens, this process can return then to a brand new look. See an example of a before and after below



We know it’s a process to maintain your windows and screens. That’s why we take care of them for you. One less thing for you to worry about and we’re professionals. We can keep your windows and screens as clean as the day they were installed and in the event your screen is beyond repair, we can repair or replace them as well. Schedule a free estimate with Pro Wash Unlimited at


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